SASC had 8 individual representatives plus 3 relay teams at the new look West Midland Youth Championships 2016. With the 2 areas of the Midlands splitting for their respective regional champs, it meant that the turnover of events was going to be quicker, meaning the swimmers had to stay and race tough, with little rest between events at times.

Day One started with the Boys 17/over Medley relay Team of Ed, Rob Wil and Hayden, who despite an unfortunate DQ, put in a really strong performance with some excellent split times. Then came the boys 100 fly, where Michael placed 6th in his heat swim equalling his PB, and Wil set a new best time to place 7th, meaning both would return later as top 8 made the final. Next the girls 50 breast saw Melissa PB to make the final in 8th, and Kate and Ellie swim just outside their best times, Ellie making the final in 7th. Boys 100 Breast saw Rob set the fastest time from the heats in a PB, while Lucy also made the 200IM final in a season best, placing 7th. The other 2 mornings heat swims saw Wil set another new best time in the 200 Free, placing 10th so 2nd reserve, while Ed swam just off his best in his 50 Back.

Session 2 saw Michael start by claiming Silver in the Heat Declared winner (HDW) 400IM. Boys 50 Free saw Ed post a stronger heat time than his morning swim, while Rob placed 4th for the final, and in the girls 200 Breast Melissa set a new best time for 4th into the final, while Lucy and Kate also made the final in 7th and 8th.

Session 3: Day 1 Finals: The session started with the boys 4×100 Free relay of Wil, Hayden, Ed and Rob who swam to an awesome team performance and placed 5th. Finals results as follows:
Boys 100 Fly Michael 6th, Wil 8th, Girls 50 Breast Melissa 6th PB, Ellie 7th, Boys 100 Breast Rob 2nd PB, Girls 200 IM, Lucy 5th, Boys 200 Free Wil 8th, Boys 50 Free Rob 3rd PB, Girls 200 Breast Melissa 3rd, Lucy 7th, Kate 8th

Session 4 started with Michael outside of his best in the 400 Free, soon followed by Rob setting a new 50 Breast PB to place 2nd for the final. The girls 100 Breast saw Melissa PB to take 5th place, while Ellie and Kate placed 8th and 10th in theirs respectively. Finally the boys 200 IM saw Michael place 4th and Rob 5th for their finals.

Session 5 began with the boys 4×200 Freestyle team in which Wil, Joel, Hayden and Rob swam themselves to a bronze medal. The boys were back in shortly after in the 100 Free where Michael placed 9th, Wil outside his PB and Rob finished 5th going into the final later once again. Melissa was on PB in her 50 Free for 9th, while Michael was up again in the 200 Breast placing 4th from the heats. Finally for the heats was the boys 50 Fly where Wil was just off his PB and Michael and Rob qualified for their finals in 8th and 5th.

Session 6: Day 2 Finals:
Boys 50 Breast Rob 2nd PB, Girls 100 Breast Melissa =2nd, Boys 200 IM Michael 4th, Boys 100 Free Michael 4th PB, Rob 4th, Boys 200 Breast Michael 4th, Boys 50 Fly Michael 8th, Rob 6th