Shrewsbury Junior Winter Open Meet 1st December 2012 – Coach’s Report

Our Winter Junior Meet provided a pre-Christmas meet, which the more experienced swimmers could use for racing some of their weaker events, while many of the clubs younger and newer members could gain some gala and race experience!  It was excellent to see the mix of members from Shrewsbury amongst the 50 odd bodies on poolside for the gala!!

The ‘A’ squad swimmers used the Meet well to practice race skills in their preferred events, while having rare outings in some less favoured events, with many of them gaining new County Qualifying times for those weaker events – 21 new times in total.  The less experienced racing members, including the huge group of ‘C’ squad girls and the clan of ‘B’ squad boys, had the opportunity to race in a competitive environment and put their swim skills and strokes from training into practice.  In particular, the younger swimmers from ‘C’ squad excelled on the day, with many of them smashing personal best times that were set a matter of weeks ago in time trials or the mini gala, while many of the swimmers who raced the 200m events on a variety of strokes made huge inroads into their best times too, and gained massive racing confidence along the way.  The personal best time count was amazingly high, while the medal count for the club was:


A big well done to all the swimmers from the Meet and also a massive thank you to all the parents and helpers that made the Meet run extremely smoothly and thoroughly enjoyable for all who competed and attended!!!