Open Meet – thank you

Thank you to everyone who supported the meet.

Our licensed meets are run by volunteers and without them they would not happen.

The more help we get, the better the meet, so don’t be shy!!! If you have a specific skill/talent or just fancy getting involved, please do not hesitate to offer your services. All of the tasks are relatively simple and help is always on hand to support you for the first couple of times performing a role. Examples range from taking admission fees, selling raffle tickets or photocopying results to marshalling the swimmers on poolside, team managing or timekeeping. Most require no specific training but if you are interested in becoming a timekeeper or other official then please speak to someone at the club.

It is essential that all parents or carers, where possible, volunteer at some stage in their child’s development within the club. Some people may feel they have nothing to offer but all the club really needs is someone’s time. The meets help significantly in the running of the club and keeping down fees so please help where you can!!!

The club is holding an EGM at 7pm on Friday 7th December. Please come along to discuss the future development of the club.