Development Squad

Shrewsbury Development Squad – This squad will be finishing at the end of the summer term and a new D squad will be starting up. Please see the main website pages for further information. All swimmers but be at least Level 7. If you are interested in joining this squad, please email

For swimmers wishing to join Shrewsbury Swimming Club, initial entry is normally into the development squad after participation in a learn to swim programme elsewhere (please see entry requirements). If swimmers are of a higher level, or have competed elsewhere, entry will be into the appropriate level of the development squad or competitive squad.

The first level of the development squad is Stingrays, where lessons last 30 minutes with a maximum group size of 6. Here swimmers will develop correct technique on all 4 strokes along with a range of water skills. Click here to read what is taught at this level.

The next level is Tigersharks. Lessons at this stage are 45 minutes. Groups may be larger, but the pupil teacher maximum ratio will be 8:1. Here, there will be further stroke development, along with the introduction of competitive starts and turns and building of stamina. Click here to read what is taught at this level.

The final level is Orcas, where technique on strokes, starts, turns and finishes will be refined, and other skills needed to enter the competitive squads will be taught. Pupil teacher ratio will again be a maximum of 8:1 and there will be the opportunity to swim twice weekly. Click here to read what is taught at this level. After completing this level, the swimmer will be able to enter the competitive squads if they wish or they can remain in development squad and swim in Barracudas.

Barracudas is a one hour session of a similar level to C squad but is designed for those swimmers who may need a little extra work on one aspect of their swimming or who are not able to commit to the training time of the competitive squads. They will work on levels 8, 9 and 10 of the ASA Learn to swim programme.

Lessons are available on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. For more information on joining, or to book an assessment, please email

Please click here to view the Development Squad Timetable – in operation from 24th April 2017

Before applying to join, please read and sign our Code of Conduct.